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Existing Reservations

Sometimes travel plans change... We recommend to first check your itinerary or confirmation email for appropriate contact information, and/or modify-cancel instructions. Please also refer to our Reservation Policies for detailed information on Aston's cancellation and deposit policies.

We have outlined several ways to help you best manage your existing reservations:

Online Reservations made on Aston's Website

If you made a room-only reservation on Aston's website, you may view, modify or cancel such an existing reservation online. Please have your email address and booking system reservation number handy.

Phone Reservations

For changes to reservations made via phone, please call Aston's customer service lines for assistance:
U.S. & Canada: 1-855-747-0763
Worldwide Direct: +1-808-441-7786

Alternatively, please contact your Aston resort of choice directly.

Air-Inclusive Vacation Package Reservations

If you made an air-inclusive vacation package reservation via Aston's website, please call:
U.S. & Canada: 1-877-250-6648
Worldwide Direct: +1-312-596-5795

All Other Reservations

If your reservations were not directly made with Aston, then please contact your travel agent or preferred vendor directly.

U.S. & Canada: (855) 747-0763
Worldwide Direct: +1-808-441-7786

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